CR0135 TYPE A B HF reader Module

Short Description:

  • Product number: CR0135
  • product feature: Voltage: 3.0-5.5V
  • Dimensions: 38.2*38.2*4mm
  • Frequency: 13.56M
  • InterFace: UART
  • MCU: ARM M0 32BITS , 32K Flash
  • Standard: ISO14443 A B
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    NFC 13.56 Mhz RFID Reader Module CR0135A

    • MIFARE® 1k/4K, UltraLight ,ULTRALIGHT C,
    • NTAG203,NTAG213 ,NTAG215,NTAG216
    • 25TB512 ,25TB04K,25TB176
    CR0135 TYPE A B HF reader Module_04
    CR0135 TYPE A B HF reader Module_03
    CR0135 TYPE A B HF reader Module_02

    Application scopes

    • e-Government
    • Banking & Payment
    • Access Control Time Attendance
    • Network Security
    • e-Purse & Loyalty
    • Transportation
    • Kiosk
    • Intelligent Meters

    CR0135A Descripetion

    Name CR0135A series Proximity Reader Module
    Weight 12g
    Dimensions 42*18(mm)
    Temperature -40一s+85C
    Interface COMS UART or IC
    Read Range up to 8cm
    Frequency 13. 56MHz
    Support ISO14443A

    Ntag, IFARE Utralight®C,SLE66R35,Fm1108,TYPE A CPU card



    DC2.6- 5.5V ,70ma - 100ma
    MCU Core: ARM® 32- bit CortexTM -M0 CPU
    CR0135A CR0135B CR0136 CR9505F

    CR0135 Serials&Similar Part Number Description

    Model Description Interface &Others
    CR0135A MIFARE® S50/S70,Ultralight®,FM1108,TYPE UART DC2.6~5.5V
    CR013Plus MIFARE® 1K/4K,Ultralight®,Ultralight®C,Mifare®Plus FM1108,TYPEA.Ntag,SLE66R01P,NFC typeA tags 2.6~5.5V2.6~3.6V
    CR0136D l.code sliTi 2k , SRF55V01, SRF55V02 ,SRF55V10,LRI2k,ISO15693 STD ! UART DC2.6~3.6V


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    Similar product Part number reference

    Model Description InterFace
    CR0301A MIFARE® TypeA reader modulMIFARE® 1K/4K,Ultralight®,Ntag. Sle66R01Pe UART & IIC2.6~3.6V
    CR0285A MIFARE® TypeA reader moduleMIFARE® 1k/4k,Utralight®,Ntag. Sle66R01P UART OR SPI2.6~3.6V
    CR0381A MIFARED TypeA reader moduleMIFARE® S50/S70,Ultralight®.Ntag. Sle66R01P UART
    CR0381D I.code sli,Ti 2k , SRF55V01, SRF55V02 ,SRF55V10,LRI2K,ISO15693 STD UART DC 5V OR|DC 2.6~3.6V
    CR8021A MIFARE®TypeA reader moduleMIFARE® S 50/S70,Ultralight®,Ntag. Sle66R01P RS232 or UART
    CR8021D .code sli.Ti 2k,SRF55V01, SRF55V02 ,SRF55V10,LRI2K,ISO15693 STD RS232 OR UARTDC3VOR5V
    CR508DU-K 15693 UID Hex output USB EmulationKeyboar
    CR508AU-K TYPE A ,MIFARE® UID or Block Data output USB EmulationKeyboard
    CR508BU-K TYPE B UID Hex output USB EmulationKeyboard
    CR6403 TYPEA(MIFARE Plus®,Ultralight® C) + TYPEB+ISO15693 + Smart Card UART RS232 USB|IC
    CR6403 TYPEA(MIFARE Plus®,Ultralight® C)+ TYPEBISO15693 + Smart Card+ USB RS232
    CR9505 TYPEA(MIFARE Plus®,Ultralight® C)+ TYPEBISO15693 UART

    COMMENT:  MIFARE® and MIFARE Classic® are trademarks of NXP B.V.

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